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AKAM PlaceMaking Marathon

PlaceMaking Marathon 1.0 is an initiative under the Smart Cities Mission that encourages cities to reimagine one or more public spaces in their city and transform it within 75 hours. Three key principles were considered while designing the projects: • Light, quick, and cheap transformation– while keeping citizens at the heart • Build for the citizens and by the citizens to co-create a brave and bigger future together • Anchor with events that educate citizens and celebrate the public spaces USCL is actively participating in the second round of PlaceMaking 2.0 Marathon.

Climate Awareness

Under Climate Awareness Campaign Promoting Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) across the city. Photo Gallery

Ujjain’s Selfie Point

Ujjain smart city has installed Ujjain’s selfie point. Photo Gallery

Urdu School

Photo Gallery

Mahakaal Dwaar

Preservation of Mahakal Temple Ramghat Ancient Road Preservation of ancient walkway (77 meters in length and 3.75 meters in width) from Mahakal temple to Ramghat. Revitalisation of ancient pedestrian link between Shree Mahakaleshwar temple and Ram ghat Project is in progress Photo Gallery

Automation and Monitoring System

Automation and Monitoring System (SCADA) for Urban Water Supply of Ujjain The proposed SCADA system will be distributed in the following hierarchical levels for monitoring purposes: Command Control Centre (CCC), Zonal Control Centre at Water Treatment Plants (ZCC), Secondary Control Centre (SCC) at Pumping Stations / intake, Local Control Centre (LCC) at OHSR Other Monitoring Centre at direct supply points, Subsidiary Monitoring Centre at SE office at PHED & MC office for Monitoring Photo Gallery

Video Surveillance System

Video Surveillance System for MRIDA and Mahakal Temple Continuous monitoring, recording and surveillance of premises. Advance AI based VA for FRS and Enterprise video management feature offers monitoring, video, Facial matching & ANPR and data in real time. Reduce review time and conduct investigations seamlessly. Powerful thumbnail and timeline search capabilities. Conduct investigation in recorded video, audio and data with thumbnail and timeline search. Compressed video with H.265 resolution and reduce storage size. Bookmark important video for long-term retention. Access live and recorded video on Windows, Linux or Mac PCs. Video multi-streaming to optimize storage utilization and network traffic. Easy, single-screen administration of cameras, users, storage and notifications. Photo Gallery

Shikhar Darshan

Existing annakshetra and pravachan hall are being demolished from the temple premise and underground hall with amenities and landscape area is proposed within the temple premise This area will be connected to Emergency entry exit corridor The existing Dharamshala area will be developed as landscape area and will provide hindrance free Shikhar Darshan Photo Gallery


Upgradation of MPCST Planetarium with 3D/4K Projection System Upgradation of existing building like: Renovation of dome Water proofing False Ceiling repair Toilet repair work Flooring Façade treatment with glass work Ticket counter repair New reception counter ICT component for installation of 3D projection system with 4K resolution Photo Gallery

Vikram University

Vikram University Museum Renovation Development Works Ticket counter, information center, offices and library to be accommodated/ designed. Display of collections and Interpretation of temple architecture of Parampara timer period, exhibition panels, models etc. Creating RCC columns at necessary intervals for supporting existing walls and additional floor is proposed for the display of collections. Controlled air-conditioned environment for the display/curation in galleries. Lighting and illumination for respective galleries as per the designed theme The double height space of the central gallery has potential to show magnificence of the building. Project under tendering stage Photo Gallery