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The project is envisaged to create tourist facilities infrastructure to enhance tourism activities and to strengthen the economy of city. Phase-1 1. Parking plaza 2. Mid-way zone 3. Mahakaal theme park 4. Mahakaal Corridor 5. Nutan school complex 6. Ganesh nagar school 7. Multi-level Car Parking MRIDA Photo Gallery

Smart Name Plate

Concept Smart Name Plate (QR code tagging with unique ID) which will be fixed on each house. When any service facilitator visits the resident’s house, an automatic response, of his attendance will be generated.      How:      The facilitator will tap the QR code with his mobile, and the information will pass to the server. From control center the administrator may get the various MIS reports. QR code logic will be provided by smart city. Smart Name Plate Photo Gallery

BIO- Methanation Plant

Plant utilizes biodegradable waste, mostly from the nearby vegetable market and the adjacent colonies and converts them into biogas. The biogas produced would then be run through gas generators to produce electricity. Area of Plant = 846 sq. m. Estimated waste consumption = 5 TPD Estimated electricity generation = 300 units/day Estimated Compost Generation = 1.5 TPD. First GRID connected Bio-Methanation plant in MP


Integrated Command and Control Centre envisaged as single Control Centre for the city of Ujjain. ICCC consists of the main control room, situation room, server room and electrical rooms. Part of Ground Floor of Mela Office. Systems are up and running Apps integrated – VTMS, e-nagarpalika, GIS Base map etc. Future applications to be integrated include the Integrated Traffic Management System, Video surveillance, etc. ICCC Photo Gallery


Traffic Control System, Surveillance Camera, Automatic Number Plate Recognition System, Red Light Violation Detection System, Speed Violation Detection System, Variable Message Sign Boards, Public Address System, Emergency Call Box System 16 Traffic Junctions and 7 Entry-Exit points, 12 Locations for Speed Detection, 40 Variable Message Signboards. ITMS Photo Gallery

Digital Center

Access to electronic media like Books, Journals, magazines etc. through various types of digital platforms. 10 devices (Kindle, Apple, Microsoft, etc.) in a modern environment Project in a public park – civil works by UDA. Support Specialist to assist people in operations of the device.

E-rickshaw (Driver) app

E- Rickshaw App & Ujjayini App is part of USCL Smart Mobility initiative. This is an android based application that will act as a facilitator between the E-rickshaw drivers & citizens. The project proposes deployment of No. 100 E-Rickshaws on PPP basis. Municipal Corporation will provide charging points to the vendors at a very nominal charges. The battery operated vehicles are excellent alternative to petrol/diesel /CNG driven vehicles, are much eco-friendlier. These E-rickshaws are quite cheap and affordable as compared to other vehicles both for the owner and the passengers. Further, Ujjayini App is a single window app which will provide other facilities as well. Overview of Web and Mobile Application Mobile Application for Citizens. This will work like an umbrella app/single window app and will have following sub parts under it: E-Rickshaw Service Nearby Dustbin Service Mobile Application for E-Rickshaw Driver. Mobile Application for Citizens: Ujjain Smart City Limited is starting with E-rickshaw app for citizens. This app will help citizens to locate nearby e-rickshaws and find estimated distance of vehicle from actual or chosen location. In addition, citizens can see the driver’s contact number, vehicle no. etc.The ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) changes according to the traffic that is tracked using Google Maps. The time can vary by 4-5 minutes depending on the traffic. Commuters can also save their favourite or most used locations on the app and navigate them with ease. Nearby Dustbin Service - When citizen will register at that time he/she will be asked to [...]

Waste Management

Waste management and transportation is a project which leads to 100% Door to Door waste collection and transportation. The project has been awarded to Global Waste Management cell on 11th August 2015. The agency has deploy HDPE wheeled bins, wheeled MS storage bins, mini tippers, refuse compactors and other assets and systems amounting to (INR) 13.57 cr. Approx. 80 door to door collection vehicles in place MSW processing treatment and SLF project awarded to Eco fill Technologies India Ltd dated 20th February 2015 with fixed tipping fee of (INR) 150 Rs/MT of MSW. All the Solid Waste Management projects identified under SCP are covered through convergence under Swachh Bharat Mission.

Water ATM

Water ATM is another environment friendly initiative in continuation of the Swachchata mission project. To meet the safe drinking water requirements at public places in UMC area, potable water is proposed to be supplied to the consumer through his/her drinking bottle container or through paper cups (in selected public locations). This proposal will be essential for better men to the urban environment within UMC, as the usage of consumer’s own bottle/container would result in minimizing the high usage of plastic/bottles for drink in water purposes. The water ATMs would also enable citizens/ visitors to access safe drinking water at various locations within UMC. Total 3 Water ATM’s have been installed, 2 being at Mahakal and 1 near Nanakheda bus stand. Cost of 1 Atm being 3 lacs. The project is on PPP mode with a monthly revenue of Rs 3000 per ATM to UMC. Project Benefits: The idea behind installing Water ATM is that people will get clean drinking water on the places like Railway platforms, Bus stands and busy areas etc. The water dispensed from Water ATM is cheap and will reduce the use of bottled water. It will reduce the rate of water born disease in poor people who does not have access to clean drinking water alongwith 24x7 provision, price transparency and flexible purchase and water quality accountability and control.

Urban Green

To accommodate green within concrete developments of the city, USCL has initiated this Urban Green project. The project mainly focuses on installing Green structures on and within buildings and in public places. The components of the project are Outdoor Creepers , Indoor Bio-felt,  Independent Green structures in public places and Roof-top lawns. This project is structured in such a manner that the Agency will be impaneled for 3 years in Ujjain, in which procurement and installation of such structures will be done in the first year and the Operation and Management will continue till the 3rd year. Government buildings have been majorly identified for implementation of the same. Private parties can also implement the same at their own cost. Projects benefits Financial Aspect Increase Real-Estate value Low capital and maintenance cost Rain water can captured through proper channel Improved air quality Decreased waste Effective use of rainwater Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect control Energy efficiency Urban agriculture Less noise Extended Roof Life Increased Efficiency in Solar Panel Extended Roof Life Increase in Bio-Diversity Fire-Resistant Healing EnvironmentErosion Protection