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Rejuvenation of Chhota Rudrasagar Lake

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Development of Maharajwada Part B

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Nurturing Neighbouring Hood Challenge

The Nurturing Neighbourhoods Challenge is a 3-year initiative that aims to work with Indian cities and their partners to pilot and scale ways to improve public space, mobility, neighbourhood planning, access to early childhood services and amenities, and data management across city agencies. USCL under the MRIDA project developing the around Shree Mahakaleshwar Temple and Rudrasagar; under the development shifting all the small and scattered schools in two school facilities as Nutan & Ganesh Nagar School. The are is very well connected with the neighbourhoods and connected with the highest foot-fall area of Ujjain hence there was an requirement of developing the facilities which also facilitates to the Improve Quality of life for Infants, Toddlers, and their caregivers we envision neighbourhoods where there are safe and accessible streets and family oriented public spaces and blissful fun-based learning environment. We aim to achieve this through planned urban spaces and improved and safe accessibility and by building on our city’s open social spaces along with public utilities and amenities and interconnected street network. As pilot projects USCL developed two AnganWadies, developed street connecting the major junction and Installation of lactation room, resting space, drinking water facilities by reclaiming some of the parking spaces. At the time of major festivals, mela, a large street section becomes a parking space and there is not enough pedestrianized spaces and services to cater the crowd. Photo Gallery

Revitalization of Ramghat

Conservation (structural retrofit/stone surface cleaning/protective layer) of temples, shrines , retaining walls and ritual sites/platforms. Arrangement for hawkers and cart vendors. Widening and beautification of the footpath leading to Ramghat. Arrangement for security and convenience on the ghat. Attractive lighting at ghats and pilgrimage sites. Photo Gallery

Conservation of Maharajwada 1 A

Components: Conservation and Reuse of Maharajwada Building as Heritage Dharamshala (Rooms, Multipurpose Hall, Reception and Ancillary Services) Reconstruction of Old Wada Building as Pravachan Hall Removal of existing modern buildings (police quarters) to recover open spaces and landscaping of entire historic complex of Maharajwada Provision of Public utilities & cloak room Connection with Mahakal temple and Rudrasagar by construction of road joining Bada Ganesh Mandir Road with Maharjwada Capacity building of the contractor’s team, local community and SPV team for improved understanding in cultural heritage conservation and management Photo Gallery

Solar Shed at surface parking with PA System

Work in progress of 400 Kwh capacity for solar power on parking lot shed. Due to which it will meet the electricity consumption of the project and at the same time the MRIDA will be sufficient for the demand of about 70 percent of the electric energy of the project area. Photo Gallery

Over head Tank at Mrida

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Triveni Museum Terrace

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Lighting in gardens of UMC

The work of installing monochromatic lights in the gardens under Ujjain Municipal Corporation by Ujjain Smart City is in progress. Due to this, adequate lighting is being arranged in the gardens, and at the same time LT panels are being installed for controlling the above lights, so that the lights will turn on as soon as the weather gets dark and the lights will turn off with the morning light. All this will happen automatically. Photo Gallery

Drip Irrigation under Mrida-1

Drip irrigation work is being done under Mahakal Van Project, under which drip irrigation and sprinkler method is being used to meet the water requirement of various parks located in Mahakal Lok. Photo Gallery