Ujjain is one of the oldest living cities in the world. Its illustrious history documented in Puranas, epics and treatise bear testimony to the fact that it was a smart and prosperous city in ancient India, recognized for its cultural, political, commercial and educational capital.

Thus, the Vision captures the resolve of its citizens and the government to rejuvenate this inherent pilgrimage, heritage and knowledge potential to make the economy more vibrant, competitive and sustainable for the future.

  • Its pre-excellence (Utkrisht-ta) comes from being the centre of religio-cultural activities for India and the whole world; being an important referral point for astronomers with the prime meridian passing through it; the seat of Lord Mahakaal, one of the 12 Jyotirlingas in Hinduism.
  • The cityscape is enlightened (Ujjwal) by the 1100 lamps from the famous Harsiddhi Temple and adorned by the banks of the holy river Kshipra.
  • Ujjain was prosperous (Unnat) as a trade centre of Koshambi-Paithan route joining North and South India. More than any other city in the state, the historical legacy of Ujjain, defines its present identity. It needs to be revitalized smartly for the city to reclaim its forgone economic glory, and keep pace with the modern digital economy.