The Goals for Ujjain has evolved from citizens aspirations identified in the citizen’s engagement programme and have been clubbed together based on the Strategic Focus Areas (SFAs) and Strategic Actions (SAs) in the Strategic Blueprint for Ujjain

Development Goals for SFA 1 – ­Enhancement of Religious & Socio-cultural Identity

  1. Conservation and Restoration of all the Heritage buildings & Public spaces
  2. Creation of additional avenues for tourists linked to heritage, spirituality, yoga & wellness & knowledge-driven activities, such as introduction of courses in Yogic studies, Vedic studies, Ayurveda & Sanskrit studies
  3. Multi-fold increase in foreign tourists
  4. 25% increase in domestic tourists (more than 3.75 million per year)
  5. Average duration of stay in Ujjain should increase by 50% (presently it is 1-1.5 day)

Development Goals for SFA 2 – Socio-economic Development

  1. Tourism and knowledge driven initiatives should create over 10000 new jobs in the area of hospitality, transportation, trade and commerce, IT and other associated services in next five years
  2. Incubation of 750 budding entrepreneurs per year for knowledge and tourism based economic activities
  3. Skill development of 1500 workforce in tourism & allied activities through skill development centers & vocational training institutes
  4. Creation & supply of 2000 affordable housing units per year for LIG and EWS demand
  5. Housing for all by 2022 to ensure provision of housing & basic services for all slum dwellers
  6. Average income per HH should increase by 33%
  7. Number of BPL families in the city should reduce by 25%

Development Goals for SFA 3 – Quality living environment for citizens & quality experience for tourists Enhanced level of basic services and sustainable urban environment

  1. 24 X 7 Water supply to all with re-use of recycled waste water
  2. 24 X 7 Water supply to all with smart energy grid, smart metering & promoting solar power by net metering policy
  3. 75% coverage of the households connected to sewerage system with decentralized treatment ensuring wastewater re-use
  4. 100% coverage of the households with door-door collection and at least 50% with segregation at source
  5. Air quality, water quality and weather monitoring to help diagnose problems and take corrective measures to ensure sustainable urban environment