Ujjain Smart City Limited hosted a PRE LAUNCH EVENT of MP Startup Policy & Implementation Scheme 2022 at Incubation Centre to promote startups and encourage budding entrepreneurs in the state.

11 May, 2022

The work of cabling and foundation is in progress after completing the survey work of 140 gardens for lighting work in the municipal gardens set up by Ujjain Smart City in Ujjain city. As a result of which monochromatic light and CDR relay will be installed in the above gardens, so that the lights can be turned on and off automatically as soon as it gets dark.

9 May, 2022

Under technical assistance mission, a team from NIUA visited Ujjain projects along with global mentors for further guidance and early completion of projects considering all the quality aspects.

4 May, 2022

*Green mobility survey started, started from Vedashala*
A comprehensive mobility plan is being prepared for Ujjain city by Ujjain Smart City and Municipal Corporation, under which a meeting with stakeholders was organized by Municipal Commissioner Anshul Gupta on April 4.

18 April, 2022

Under Cycle4change Challenge Season 2.0, on 14.04.2022, Ujjain smart city limited has organized a cyclothon of 118KM named as Panchkrochi Yatra (circumambulation- the action or ritual of moving clockwise round an object of devotion as an indication of reverence)

14 April, 2022

Review of development works of Shri Mahakaleshwar Temple Expansion Plan Phase 02 and Smart City.

8 April, 2022

Meeting with the stakeholders for Green Mobility in the city by the Commissioner.

5 April, 2022

Ujjain Smart City CEO (Sh. Ashish Pathak) signed plege for transfrom the street of UJJAIN
Freedom2Walk&Cycle Campaign award ceremony has been organized to gear up the participants for Season 2.0. A Panchkoshi Yatra is going to organize from 25th to 29th of April where participants will walk 118 KM. A day before cycle rally is also proposed on same route.

5 April, 2022

The Olympic size swimming pool built by the Smart City located behind the Municipal Corporation complex is being operated by the Municipal Corporation, which has been restarted for the residents from April.

Ujjain Gorav Diwas.

2 April, 2022

The works of Smart City were inaugurated and Bhoomi Pujan.

2 April, 2022

To celebrate Ujjain Pride Day on 2nd April 2022, holdings and posters have been put up by Ujjain Smart City and decoration work has been done at Chowk intersections.

1 April, 2022

The new project of Ujjain Smart City, adding to the pride of Ujjain city, MRIDA.

1 April, 2022

According to the orders of the Honorable Chief Minister and under the leadership of Ujjain Smart City District Collector, Ujjain is celebrating the launch of Chaitra Shukla Pratipada, Vikram Samvat 2079 on 2 April 2022 as its pride day.

1 April, 2022

Students of Nutan School and Ganesh School attended the live session of “Pariksha Pe Charcha” given by Hon’ble Prime Minister.

1 April, 2022

Preliminary trial of newly built CNG based furnace (crematorium) on Chakratirth.

29 March, 2022

Ujjain completed the first work under the CITIIS mission, The team of experts from France did the test.

28 March, 2022

The city pride day to be held on Gudi Padwa will be organized on a large scale.

26 March, 2022

Ujjain Smart City was honored with Digital Innovation Award and covid 19 Recovery Innovation Award at Smart City India Expo.

25 March, 2022

Ujjain Smart City Limited’s stall at 29th Convergence India Expo Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

24 March, 2022

Sangeet Sandhya organized by Ujjain Smart City on the occasion of Martyr’s Day

23 March, 2022

Congratulations Ujjain
Ujjain was declared as one of the 11 winners in the Eat Smart Cities Challenge yesterday by Sh .Manoj Joshi, Secretary, MoHUA. Ujjain was applauded for its efforts towards registration, licensing of vendors, citizen awareness campaigns and “Sustainable Food System” initiative.
MoHUA announces winning cities for the Eat Smart Cities Challenge

17 March, 2022

Municipal Corporation Ujjain Commissioner Mr. Anshul ji Gupta and Smart City CEO Mr. Ashish ji Pathak inspected the C&D plant located at MR 05.

9 March, 2022

Municipal commissioner Shri Anshul Gupta took care of the wells and stepwells of the city.

5 March, 2022

Cleaning and washing work is going on continuously on the ghats.

4 March, 2022

Announcement of lighting 11 lakh 71 thousand 078 lamps at Ramghat
The record of Ujjain set in the Guinness Book of World Records.

1 March, 2022

The city of Mahakal is illuminated with 21 lakh lamps.

1 March, 2022

!!Shiv Jyoti Arpanam!!*
Ghats have been decorated, preparations for the festival have been done
Today, on the auspicious occasion of Mahashivratri festival, there will be a festive atmosphere in the city, the religious city will be lit up with light and lit lamps and a world record will be in its name, in this sequence from Sunhari Ghat to Ramghat, Datta Akhara Ghat, Kedar Ghat, successful celebrations of the festival. All the preparations have been completed for this.

1 March, 2022

Hearty congratulations and best wishes to all of you on the holy festival of worship of Devadi Dev Mahadev

1 March, 2022

Mahashivratri Date: On the occasion of March 1, 2022, Ujjain is going to create history all over the world by lighting the highest number of earthen lamps at Ramghat.

28 Feb, 2022

!!Shiv Jyoti Arpanam!!
* Preparations for the “Shiv Jyoti Arpanam” festival to be held on the festival of Mahashivratri are moving towards their final stage. Participating in the festival by the students of various Defense Academy, service work is being done with a new zeal, enthusiasm.

28 Feb, 2022

!!Shiv Jyoti Arpanam!!
* Lighting of lamps by Block Sector Officers, administrators and social organizations in the presence of District Collector Mr. Ashish Singh ji, Municipal Commissioner Mr. Anshul Gupta, Smart City CEO and public representatives regarding “Shiv Jyoti Arpanam” festival to be organized on Mahashivratri festival. To do this, mock drills were done in groups at Dutt Akhara Ghat.

27 Feb, 2022

!!Shiv Jyoti Arpanam!!
In the presence of District Collector Ashish Singh ji, Smart City CEO and public representatives, a meeting of block sector officers, administrators and social organizations was discussed for the successful implementation of the festival regarding the “Shiv Jyoti Arpanam” festival to be organized on the occasion of Mahashivratri.

27 Feb, 2022

*!!Shiv Jyoti Arpanam!!*
* Started the work of setting lamps on the Ghats.

27 Feb, 2022

*!!Shiv Jyoti Arpanam!!*
The preparations for the grand Deepotsav to be held in the city of Ujjain on the holy festival of Mahashivratri are in their final stages.

27 Feb, 2022

Let us all come together and light a lamp, every person should take a pledge to light at least five lamps at his home and establishment and we should create a new record.

27 Feb, 2022

!!Shivjyoti Arpanam!!
Preliminary preparations for the festival are going on continuously.

27 Feb, 2022

After meeting Ujjain Municipal Corporation Commissioner Shri Anshul Gupta, the youth took detailed information about the Shivjyoti Arpanam program.

26 Feb, 2022

Keeping in view the arrangement of Mahashivratri festival, the Mahakaleshwar temple area was inspected by senior officials.

26 Feb, 2022

On the auspicious occasion of Mahashivratri, under the Deepoutsav program to be held in Ujjain, the city of Baba Mahakal, today the team of Genius World Records reviewed the preparations at Ram Ghat and achieved success by lighting the lamp.

25 Feb, 2022

On the auspicious occasion of Mahashivratri, under the Deepotsav program to be held in Ujjain, the city of Baba Mahakal, today the Smart City CEO took stock of the preparations.

25 Feb, 2022

Date one, lamp many, light rangoli and lamps at your home, establishment, temple, street-intersection and celebrate the auspicious Mahashivratri festival.

25 Feb, 2022

The festival of lights was named “Shiv Jyothi Arpanam”.

25 Feb, 2022

Preparations for Deepoutsav are progressing towards their final stage.

24 Feb, 2022

The preparations for the Deepoutsav to be held on Mahashivratri were seen through a presentation by the Honorable Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan.

24 Feb, 2022

Mahashivratri Deepoutsav Festival.

Honorable Joint Director Madam, Ministry of Urban and Housing, Government of India, praised the cleanliness arrangements of Ujjain.

20 Feb, 2022

Prior arrangements were inspected by the District Magistrate for the Deepotsav program to be held on Mahashivratri festival.

19 Feb, 2022

Ujjain Smart City had organized the Online Quiz competition to enhance the awareness of the Open Data utilization. The winners are as mentioned below:

Under the joint aegis of Ujjain Smart City Limited and Triveni Art and Archaeological Museum, on the occasion of Basant Panchami.

5 Feb, 2022

On the occasion of “Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Jayanti” officially celebrated as “Parakram Divas”; USCL is organizing an event between 11:00AM – 12:30PM at “Auditorium Triveni Museum”. During the event documentary film will be screened on Netaji’s life.

23 Jan, 2022

Keeping in view the interest of the citizens to walk on foot, jointly by Ujjain Municipal Corporation and Smart City, walk on foot journey / heritage walk under “Freedom to Walk” was started from Ankpat Gayatri Shakti Peeth on Sunday.

23 Jan, 2022

Data Innovation talk show and symposium organized.

21 Jan, 2022


17 Jan, 2022

Ujjain will ride cycle, Ujjain will win.

16 Jan, 2022

Makar Sankranti.

14 Jan, 2022


14 Jan, 2022

AKAM Installation.

13 Jan, 2022

In-charge minister inspected: Development work of 300 crores in Mahakal region will be completed on March 1, grand event will be held in Ujjain.

12 Jan, 2022

Ujjain smart city has installed Ujjain’s selfie point at Tarantal Chaupati Complex as a New Year Gift for the citizen.

31 Dec, 2021

Programs were organized at two Anganwadi centers by Smart City on Saturday under Amrit Mahotsav of Azadi. In these, the Anganwadis were made beautiful by doing wallpainting, floor painting.

25 Dec, 2021

Smart Name Plate was launched by the guests in the plog run program in association with HDFC Bank

25 Dec, 2021

Advisory Forum meeting at Ujjain Smart City Limited Office

1 Dec, 2021

Ujjain Smart City Projects reviewed by IIPA Team.

25 Nov, 2021

Ujjain, Madhay Pradesh for achieving 1st Rank as best medium city in ‘citizen feedback’ (population category 3-10 lakh) in swachh survekshan 2021 under Swachh Bharat Mission(Urban).

20 Nov, 2021

Giving information about the Mrida project to the journalists by the Collector.

19 Nov, 2021

Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan Ji Visited MRIDA Project and Apricated the work also give some valuable suggestion.

5 Nov, 2021

Ujjain Smart City Ltd. Organised a Street play under NNC & done Placemaking Exercise at Nutan School Street.

11 October, 2021

Site visit of Ms Neha Singh, Deputy Director- MoHUA & Naim Keruwala, Program Coordinator & Team Lead- CITIIS at MRIDA, Ujjain

9 October, 2021

Ujjain participated in “75th Aazadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav” Conference in Lucknow

5 October, 2021

Cyclothon Event Celebration of Azadi Ka Amrut Mahotsav by Ujjain Smart City.

2 October, 2021

ICCC Showcase.

29 September, 2021

Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan inaugurated the construction works built by Smart City on 22nd September.

22 September, 2021

USCL organized a Street Play at pilot project site no.2 Lan in between Mahakal Vanijya Kendra and NanaKheda, for“Street for the People Challenge”

15 August, 2021

The USCL Organized the rangoli event to test its pilot project sites for “Street for People challenge” on the evening of 15 August 2021.

15 August, 2021

Honourable Secretary, MoHUA Shri Durga Shankar Mishra ji visited to Ujjain Smart City

26 March, 2021

The Central Urban Ministry team inspecting the ancient gate at the Central Government’s City Challenge.

29 Jan, 2021

Smart City Office Rank 1st in Cleanest Office Category

16 Jan, 2021

Cyclothon event done on 2nd October by ujjain Smart City ltd

2 Oct, 2020

Visited by join Secretary for Covid-19 Command Center

4 June, 2020

Covid-19 Command Center

21 March, 2020

Cycle rally held under EOL Survey

23 Feb, 2020

EOL press conference for citizen feedback through Ujjain Smart City

19 Feb, 2020

EOL press conference for citizen feedback through Ujjain Smart City

1 Feb, 2020

Smart City Office Rank 3rd in Cleanest Office Category

27 Jan, 2020

Inauguration of Smart Name Plate

23 Jan, 2020

Honourable Secretary, MoHUA Shri Durga Shankar Mishra ji visited to Ujjain Smart City

9 Dec, 2019

Swimming Pool Inauguration

8 Dec, 2019

CEO, Ujjain Smart City, Shri Pradeep Kumar Jain receiving award for excellence work from Honorable Chief Minister

1 Nov, 2019

Reward ceremony for digital payers on Independence Day

15 Aug, 2018

Cycle rally for Digital Payment awareness

5 Aug,2018

Command and Control Center Opening

7 july 2018

Smart Pariyojna Lokarpan

27 May 2018

E Rickshaw Driver Workshop

8 May 2018

Ujjayini App Launch

6 May 2018

Smart Classroom

26 Jan, 2017