Ujjain Symbiotic City (USC) Area based Development (ABD)
is a Retrofit-cum-Redevelopment of Mahakal Area, Mill Area and Railway Station area of 1023 acres

  • The ABD synergies two symbiotic nodes first the “Mahakal Area” as Religious and Cultural Hub (RCH) for revitalization of the tourism experience.
  • “Mill Area” to be developed as Knowledge and Economic Hub (KEH) to nurture diverse knowledge based economic activities, efficiently served by Multi-modal Transit Hub (MTH) in “Railway Station Area” connected by a bus based Transit Corridor.
  • The ABD will combine intelligent regeneration of the historic core, temples, markets riverfront, lakefront & public spaces with the redevelopment of mill area for creating compact, mixed-use and sustainable neighborhoods.
  • USCL, ABD will ensure that Ujjain strengthens its religious tourism based economy while providing with an alternative knowledge based economic base for its citizens.