Origin of astrology came from Ujjain. The renowned Astrologer Varahmihira, also known as vahara , was an astronomer, mathematician, astrologer who lived in Ujjain during 5th century .He is considered to be one of the Jewels of the court of the legendary ruler.

He has also given contributions to the field of physics. His work on astrology includes Daivajna, Kutuhala Manjari, Yoga yatra, etc. Talking about most famous astrological place to visit in Ujjain as Jantar Mantar. The architectural marvel Jantar Mantar (also called the Vedh Shala Observatory), established in the 17th century is the oldest to be constructed among the group of five observatories (Jaipur, Delhi, Ujjain, Mathura, and Varanasi).

Maharaja Jai Singh took onto its construction in 1719 to help the Hindu scholars and astrologers with their research and studies. Jantar Mantar, an outcome of great diligence has not only served as the research station to astronomers in the old times but also continues to serve its astronomical as well as tourism purpose even today.

Visiting the place would make you learn about the ways by which time, revolutions, and position of celestial bodies were calculated in the bygone age. Everything you see would surely make you think about the richness of king’s intelligence. Furthermore, the place is a paradise for stargazers. Ujjain is the only observatory where astronomical research is still carried out. Several data including the study of planetary motions get published every year.

Jantar Mantar indeed is a work of intelligence which undoubtedly has brought grandeur to the Indian Architectural works.