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03 Jun


The project is envisaged to create tourist facilities infrastructure to enhance tourism activities and to strengthen the economy of city.
1. Parking plaza
2. Mid-way zone
3. Mahakaal theme park
4. Mahakaal Corridor
5. Nutan school complex
6. Ganesh nagar school
7. Multi-level Car Parking

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23 Jan

Smart Road

Smart Road – (Street Furniture with Underground Ducting)

Central business district of Ujjain city is a place of mixed use development planned in a grid iron pattern. It is situated in the heart of the city and it became a commercial hub for the city. It is a place which attracts  heavy crowd and traffic. Parking, dedicated pedestrian lanes and vending zones are the major issues of this area.

In order to solve all these issues we proposed underground ducting for the strengthening of infrastructure, street furniture to provide beauty & uniformity to the roads and ICT components to make it smart.

The development of Smart Road includes 1.2 km length of road with Tower Chowk (Heritage Building and a landmark).

The major components of the project are:

  1. Uniformity of the roads & Road markings.
  2. Junction improvement.
  3. Dedicated lanes for pedestrian as well as cycling.
  4. Development of MUZ (Multi Utility Zone) which includes on street 2-wheeler parking, dedicated vending zone, sit-out spaces & landscaping.
  5. Bio Toilets.
  6. Cycle docks.
  7. Smart Bus shelters.
  8. Dedicated lanes & parking for auto-rickshaws & taxis.
  9. Four wheeler parking at cut chowks.

ICT components like Smart poles, Security Cameras, etc.

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23 Jan

Mayur Van

Ujjain has been the shelter for a number of Peacocks, Birds, Butterflies, and Snakes. It also provides a very soothing human interaction with nature. Currently due to disturbance in biodiversity because of increased population and development, it has become a challenging task to both conserve the ambiance and ensure safety of the species.

In view of the above situation, Ujjain Smart City and Ujjain District Forest Authority in a coordinated way proposes to implement Mayur Van (Peacock Park). The project focusing towards urban forestry, bio-diversity and ecological conservation, environmental education coupled with adventure and recreation for the visitors promotes Eco-Tourism.

The Project is proposed on 6.7 Ha. land which is situated on Kothi Road near Collectorate Bhawan, Ujjain, in which 1.3 Ha. will be used as recreational and adventurous part for visitors and rest will be the dense forest.

The concept for the project is to develop few spaces for the visitors for recreation and environmental education without disturbing the living species in the forest. Therefore, all the physical development is done through locally available material and dense landscape with diffused night lighting. It will be a perfect example of vernacular architecture.

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23 Jan

Underground Ducting

Under Ground Ducting is an important upcoming project under Smart city plan. The project will focus on Investigation, survey, detailed designing and retrofitting & reconstruction of Roads . which may also consist of up-gradations, augmentation, storm water drainage & retrofitting of open storm water drains. Enhancing and developing of  footpath along with road markings and improved traffic signage . Underground electrification with allied infrastructure, retrofitting of water supply line in ABD Area

Retrofitting and reconstruction of Roads in ABD Area Consisting:

  • Storm Water Drainage
  • Underground Electrification
  • Duct for OFC Network
  • Duct for Gas pipeline
  • Footpath along with Cross Section of Road
  • Total Length – 25 Km
  • Project Cost – Rs 250 Crore
  • Status – Draft DPR / RFP Prepared

List of Selected Roads

S.No.Name of RoadWidth Length
R1Preety Nagar to Bima Hospital Chauraha8M1043 M
R2Ganeshwari Mata Mandir Chauraha to Bridge Zero Point12M459 M
R3Sandhipani Nagar Chauraha to Shree Nageshwar Parshawanath12M263 M
R4Shree Nageshwar Parshawanath to Bailpateshwar Tiraha12M403 M
R5Shree Nageshwar Parshawanath to Koyal Phatak Chauraha10M454 M
R6Dewas Gate Chauraha to Chamunda Mata Cahuraha12M835 M
R7Hanuman Mandir Tiraha to Hanuman Prasad Fuel Station8M154 M
R8ABD Boundary to Indore gate Chauraha24 M1715 M
R9Dewas Gate Chauraha to Daulatganj Chauraha12M482 M
R10Dudh Talai teraha to Tilak Marg6-8M269 M
R11Indore Gate to Daulat Ganj Chauraha15M333 M
R12Daulatganj Chauraha to Mhakaleshwar Temple10M880 M
R13Indore Gate to Hari Phatak Bridge18M623 M
R14Nagori Mohalla Chauraha to Gada Pulia Chauraha6 -8M623 M
R15Upkeshwar Chauraha to Beagm Bagh Chauraha6 -8M492 M
R16Shree Kabir Ashram Tiraha to Mahakal Ghati Chauraha6 -8M315 M
R17Yanti Guest House to Bhadoria Car Parking6 -8M107 M
R18Mahakal Ghati Chauraha to Rudrasagar18M311 M
R19Mahakaleshwar Chauraha to Hari Phatak Bridge15M545 M
R20JaiSinghpura Marg to Triveni Museum Tiraha8M731 M
R21Triveni Museum Tiraha to Chanalal Jaisingh Chauraha6 -8M338 M
R22Rudrasagar Road 112M773 M
R23Rudrasagar Road 212M979 M
R24Bhagatsingh marg double lane to Radha Swami Asharam8M736 M
R25Char Dham Mandit to Shri Hatkeshwar Dham15M709 M
R26Bhagar Singh Marg to Harsiddhi Chauraha18M1208 M
R27Harisidhi Marg to Shree Laxmi Narsingh Temple12M166 M
R28Begambag Colony to Harisidhi Churaha8M422 M
R29Harisidhi Churaha to Police Thana Mahakaal8M88 M
R30Mahakaal Chauraha to Kamri Marg Chauraha8M592 M
R31Tanki Chauraha to Anant Nagar Chauraha8M894 M
R32Anant Nagar Chauraha to KD Gate8M633 M
R33Dani Gate to Ram Ghat8M269 M
R34Vighnharta Ganpati Mandir to Shri Venkteshwar Dharamshala8M501 M
R35Shri Venkteshwar Dharamshala to Kartik Chawk8M299 M
R36Chaubees Khamba to Vighnharta Ganpati Mandir6-8M207 M
R37Shivaji Tiraha to Police Thana Mahakaal6-8M162 M
R38Ma Chamunda Traders to Mahadev Uphar Gruh6-8M56 M
R39Gudri Chauraha to Mansarovar Guest House6-8M561 M
R40Pandriba Tiraha to Shiv Temple6-8M372 M
R41R41 to Ram Ghat6-8M505 M
R42Kartik Chawk to Dani Gate6-8M158 M
R43Shri Venkteshwar Dharamshala6-8M119 M
R44Chatri Chawk to Kanthal Chauraha6-8M403 M
R45Tanki Chawk to Teliwada Chauraha6-8M456 M
R46Tanki Chawk to RNT Road Chauraha6-8M209 M
R47Nikas Chauraha to K D Gate Chauraha6-8 M532 M
R48KD Gate Chauraha to Kamri Marg Chauraha10M414 M
R49Gopal Mandir to Chattri Chauraha12M94 M
R50Around Chatri Chawk8M204 M
R51Kanthal Chauraha to Nikas Chauraha10M413 M

Typical Cross Section of Sub Surface Infrastructure Details for 24m to 18m wide roads

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23 Jan

She Lounge

She Lounge (with  amenities such as smart public toilets, ATMs, kiosks, solar panels, Wi-Fi hotspots, mobile phone booster towers, mobile phone charges, etc.)will become a hallmark of the city.

Essential features of She Lounge :

  • All design of She Lounge and other amenities will ensures universally accessible design.
  • It will ensure essential services for users such as adequate Treated Potable Water for drinking and general cleanliness of the She Lounge, adequate power supply for proper lighting of the She Lounge and commercial activities; public conveniences such as smart toilets and kiosks, wherever possible.
  • Adequate measures for safety and security of Users, including but not limited to deployment of security personnel and gadgets such as CCTV etc. The Concessionaire is required to employ trained professionals to operate and maintain the She Lounge and other amenities system.
  • Structurally sound and aesthetically appealing Users facilities such as clock, bus route maps, information on Ujjain, etc.
  • Adequate and comfortable seating facilities for Users
  • Special arrangements for the differently abled such as voice guidance system to help the Users to operate the She Lounge without manual assistance, provide ramps, hand rails, beepers etc. for the differentially abled Users and the senior citizens for accessing each of the component of the She Lounge
  • Essential services such as soaps, napkins, dust bins etc. for Users of the smart public toilets at such She Lounge
  • Precaution for environmental and social safeguards in accordance with applicable norms and guidelines
  • She Lounge during the Concession Period, including regular cleaning of the She Lounge and its surrounding areas, monitoring and functioning of Users’ amenities, handling emergency situations, functioning of information and communication systems, availability of basic infrastructure requirements such as electricity for lighting purposes, proper drainage, removal of municipal solid waste, and telecommunication etc. The Concessionaire is to specifically ensure that the She Lounge and all amenities are clean and free of debris, garbage through regular monitoring, maintenance and solid waste collection.

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09 Mar


A 1500 seater auditorium is proposed at Samajik Nyay Parisar. Total site area is 3.7 hectares and proposed built-up area is 1 hectare.


  • To look at wider perspective of ‘HABITAT’ as a public space. It therefore broadens the range of areas and activities, from more intense activity zones like meeting, conference, seminars to contemplative zones like gardens, cafeterias and food courts.
  • To develop a democratic space to benefit all sections of society by including community related functions and activities.
  • To make financially self-sustainable entities to generate enough revenue for maintenance through commercial zones.


  • To hold the site together through various visual elements or sculptures or art installations.
  • To bind various components and entities by thoughtful and coherent design.
  • To create pause points and nodes through experiential/ transitional spaces.
  • To provide recreational spaces for various activities inviting public interaction and exploration.
  • To provide leisure space for public to socialize and unwind, such atmosphere will add vibrancy and life to a city.


  • Formal areas – Annual general meetings, Board/ Committee meetings, Shareholder management, meetings, Presentations, Trainings, Conferences, Lecture Hall, Presentations, Seminars,
  • Entertainment / culture related – Opera hall, Concert hall, Dance theatres, Drama theatres, Musical theatres,
  • Informal Areas – Major Expo, Public Exhibitions, Smart City Exhibition, Educational Programme, Cultural Programme, Art galleries, Visitor centers,
  • Recreational Area – Open Air Theatre, Parks, Handicraft zone, Workshop areas, Hawker zone, Community functions


  1. Auditorium 4210 Square meter
  2. Multipurpose hall – 520 Square meter
  3. Stepped well
  4. Amphitheatre
  5. Hawker’s zone
  6. Covered craft market
  7. Bamboo pavilion
  8. Lotus pond
  9. Biodiversity park
  10. Parking – 250 cars
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09 Mar

Swimming Pool

Construction of Olympic size Swimming Pool (50m. x 25m.) with Kids Pool (12m. x 10m.) including all plumbing, pumping & filtration units and electrical works complete including Open Air Sitting & Service Area, Swimmers Block, Facade Wall, Dismantling and Restoration of Existing Structures, external development including creation of Natural Pool with Landscaping & Approach Road with side drains, Sports & Gym cum Admin Block and compound Wall including Operation and Maintenance for 5 Years


  • Scope of creation of public swimming pool with a elements of heritage importance.
  • Scope of using existing water body as natural water body replenishing system.
  • Enhance Existing vegetation for aesthetic purposes.

Current Status:

  • Design proposal have been prepared and under discussion with USCL.
  • Total Station Survey under progress at the project site.
  • Project shall be executed under convergence from UMC , tentative project cost of Rs 5 Cr.
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Installation of Mobile Charging Kiosk

Investigation, survey, detailed design and retrofitting and reconstruction of Roads consisting of up-gradation, augmentation, underground storm water drainage and retrofitting of open storm water drains, footpath, utility ducts, underground electrification with allied infrastructure, retrofitting of water supply line, road markings, traffic signage, along with operation and maintenance of tendered works for 5 Years in ABD Area under Ujjain Smart City Project

Supply Install and Maintain Smart Bio Toilets in Ujjain

Expression of Interest for Empanelment Event Management Agency for Ujjain City

Design, build , finance, operate and transfer of She Lounge in Ujjain

Installation and operation of Public Bike Sharing System in Ujjain

Corrigendum/Addendum Details
Corrigendum 01 PBS 30Download

Appointment of agency for conducting Maa Kshipra Maha Aarti and Malkhamb in ujjain city

Implementation, Management and Maintenance of Smart Classrooms in City of Ujjain


Selection of System Integrator to Design, Implement, Operate and Maintain Smart Solutions for Public Buses and Municipal Vehicles in Ujjain.

Selection of System Integrator for Supply, Installation, Implementation and Maintenance of GPS based Vehicle Tracking Solution for Municipal Solid Waste Vehicles and Public Transport Vehicles

Tender Documents
Corrigendum/Addendum Details
Corrigendum 1Download
Corrigendum 2Download

Selection of agency for providing housekeeping and facility management services at Ujjain Smart city Ltd. office, Ujjain.

Design, Develop, Implement and Maintain Various Mobile Applications for the City of Ujjain

Design, Built, Finance, Operate and Transfer, Public Toilets with Integrated Vending Facilityin Ujjain

Appointment of the Concessionaire for Implementation of Smart Bus Shelters project at Ujjain on design, build, finance, operate and transfer-DBFOT basis

Selection of agency for implementation, management and maintenance of digital centre as a smart classroom demonstration

Tender Documents
RFP Digital CentreDownload
NIT Digital LibraryDownload

Selection of Implementation Agency for Integrated Traffic Management System ITMS in the city of Ujjain

Design, implementation and operation of smart solutions for Public Mobility and Municipal Vehicles in Ujjain

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मोबाइल चार्जिंग कीओस्क की स्थापना

डिजाइन, निर्माण, वित्त, संचालन और हस्तांतरण-डीबीएफओटी के आधार पर उज्जैन में स्मार्ट बस आश्रयों परियोजना के कार्यान्वयन के लिए एजेंसी की नियुक्ति

उज्जैन शहर में एकीकृत यातायात प्रबंधन प्रणाली आईटीएमएस के लिए कार्यान्वयन एजेंसी का चयन

उज्जैन शहर के लिए इवेंट मैनेजमेंट एजेंसी का चयन

उज्जैन में शी लाउंज के डिजाइन, निर्माण, वित्त, संचालन और हस्तांतरण

उज्जैन में सार्वजनिक बाइक शेयरिंग सिस्टम की स्थापना और संचालन

Corrigendum/Addendum Details
Corrigendum 01 PBS 30Download

उज्जैन शहर में मां क्षिप्रा महा आरती और मल्लखंब के आयोजन के लिए एजेंसी की नियुक्ति

उज्जैन शहर में स्मार्ट कक्षाओं का कार्यान्वयन, प्रबंधन और रखरखाव

उज्जैन शहर के ब्रांडिंग और प्रचार के लिए लोक संबंध एजेंसी का चयन

उज्जैन में सार्वजनिक बसों और नगर निगम के लिए स्मार्ट सॉल्यूशन डिजाइन, कार्यान्वयन, संचालन और बनाए रखने के लिए सिस्टम इंटिग्रेटर का चयन

नगरपालिका ठोस अपशिष्ट वाहनों और सार्वजनिक परिवहन वाहनों के लिए जीपीएस आधारित वाहन ट्रैकिंग समाधान की आपूर्ति, स्थापना, कार्यान्वयन और रखरखाव के लिए सिस्टम इंटिग्रेटर का चयन

Tender Documents
Corrigendum/Addendum Details
Corrigendum 1Download
Corrigendum 2Download

उज्जैन में लोक गतिशीलता और नगरपालिका वाहनों के लिए स्मार्ट समाधानों के डिजाइन, कार्यान्वयन और संचालन

डिजाइन, निर्मित, वित्त, संचालन और स्थानांतरण, एकीकृत वेंडिंग सुविधा वाली सार्वजनिक शौचालय उज्जैन

उज्जैन में नगर निगम बिल्डिंग के पीछे तरण ताल सह वाणिज्यिक परिसर का निर्माण

स्मार्ट कक्षा के प्रदर्शन के रूप में डिजिटल केंद्र के कार्यान्वयन, प्रबंधन और रखरखाव के लिए एजेंसी का चयन

Tender Documents
RFP Digital CentreDownload
NIT Digital LibraryDownload

उज्जैन में स्मार्ट बायो टॉयलेट स्थापित करने और बनाए रखने की आपूर्ति

खुली तूफान जल नालियों, फुटपाथ, उपयोगिता नलिकाएं, संबद्ध बुनियादी ढांचे के साथ भूमिगत विद्युतीकरण, पानी की आपूर्ति लाइन के पुनर्निर्माण, सड़क के पुनर्निर्माण, अपग्रेडेशन, संवर्धन, भूमिगत तूफान जल निकासी और सड़क के पुनर्निर्माण की जांच, अनुसंधान, पुनर्निर्माण और पुनर्निर्माण। उज्जैन स्मार्ट सिटी परियोजना के तहत एबीडी एरिया में 5 वर्षों के लिए टेंडर किए गए कार्यों के संचालन और रखरखाव के साथ-साथ चिह्नों, यातायात सिग्नेज

उज्जैन में जैविक बाजार अपशिष्ट के उपचार के लिए ऑपरेशन और रखरखाव के साथ 5TPD क्षमता बायोमैथानेशन प्लांट की स्थापना

उज्जैन स्मार्ट सिटी लिमिटेड कार्यालय, उज्जैन में गृह व्यवस्था और सुविधा प्रबंधन सेवाएं प्रदान करने के लिए एजेंसी का चयन।

उज्जैन शहर के लिए विभिन्न मोबाइल एप्लीकेशन डिजाइन, विकास, कार्यान्वयन और रखरखाव

Expression of Interest for development of Multi Model Transit Hub in Ujjain on Public Private Partnership

Construction of School Complex at existing Nootan School and other School Campus Jaysinghpura Ujjain

Construction of School Complex at exiting Nootan School and other School campus Jaysingh Pura, Ujjain

Selection of Implementation Agency for Integrated Traffic Management System ITMS in the city of Ujjain


Tender Documents

सार्वजनिक निजी भागीदारी पर उज्जैन में मल्टी मॉडल ट्रांजिट हब के विकास के लिए रूचि

मौजूदा नुतन स्कूल और अन्य स्कूल परिसर जयसिंहपुरा उज्जैन में स्कूल परिसर का निर्माण

नुतन स्कूल से बाहर और अन्य स्कूल परिसर जयसिंह पुरा, उज्जैन में स्कूल परिसर का निर्माण

उज्जैन शहर में एकीकृत यातायात प्रबंधन प्रणाली आईटीएमएस के लिए कार्यान्वयन एजेंसी का चयन

नुतन स्कूल से बाहर और अन्य स्कूल परिसर जयसिंह पुरा, उज्जैन में स्कूल परिसर का निर्माण

उज्जैन शहर में एकीकृत यातायात प्रबंधन प्रणाली आईटीएमएस के लिए कार्यान्वयन एजेंसी का चयन

Development and Construction of Mahakal Rudra Sagar Integrated Development Area under Phase-1, Ujjain

Construction of School Complex at Ganesh Nagar Jaisinghpura , Ujjain under MRIDA project through a Percentage Rate Contract

Construction of multi-level car parking near Triveni Museum under MRIDA project through percentage rate contract as specified in the BOQ in RFP which include MPUADD SOR and Nonschedule items

Expression of Interest for development of Multi Model Transit Hub in Ujjain on Public Private Partnership

उज्जैन, चरण -1 के तहत महाकाल रुद्र सागर एकीकृत विकास क्षेत्र का विकास और निर्माण

मृदा परियोजना के तहत एक प्रतिशत दर अनुबंध के माध्यम से गणेश नगर जयसिंहपुरा उज्जैन में स्कूल परिसर का निर्माण

आरएफपी में बीओक्यू में निर्दिष्ट प्रतिशत दर अनुबंध के माध्यम से मृदा परियोजना के तहत त्रिवेणी संग्रहालय के पास बहु-स्तरीय कार पार्किंग का निर्माण जिसमें एमपीयूएडीडी एसओआर और नॉनशेड्यूल आइटम शामिल हैं

सार्वजनिक निजी भागीदारी पर उज्जैन में मल्टी मॉडल ट्रांजिट हब के विकास के लिए रूचि