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03 Jun

Smart Name Plate


  • Smart Name Plate (QR code tagging with unique ID) which will be fixed on each house.
  • When any service facilitator visits the resident’s house, an automatic response, of his attendance will be generated.


     The facilitator will tap the QR code with his mobile, and the information will pass to the server.

  • From control center the administrator may get the various MIS reports.
  • QR code logic will be provided by smart city.

Smart Name Plate Photo Gallery

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30 Aug


Integrated Command and Control Centre envisaged as single Control Centre for the city of Ujjain. ICCC consists of the main control room, situation room, server room and electrical rooms. Part of Ground Floor of Mela Office. Systems are up and running Apps integrated – VTMS, e-nagarpalika, GIS Base map etc. Future applications to be integrated include the Integrated Traffic Management System, Video surveillance, etc.

ICCC Photo Gallery

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30 Aug


Traffic Control System, Surveillance Camera, Automatic Number Plate Recognition System, Red Light Violation Detection System, Speed Violation Detection System, Variable Message Sign Boards, Public Address System, Emergency Call Box System 16 Traffic Junctions and 7 Entry-Exit points, 12 Locations for Speed Detection, 40 Variable Message Signboards.

ITMS Photo Gallery

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30 Aug

Digital Center

Access to electronic media like Books, Journals, magazines etc. through various types of digital platforms. 10 devices (Kindle, Apple, Microsoft, etc.) in a modern environment Project in a public park – civil works by UDA. Support Specialist to assist people in operations of the device.

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12 Feb

E-rickshaw (Driver) app

E- Rickshaw App & Ujjayini App is part of USCL Smart Mobility initiative. This is an android based application that will act as a facilitator between the E-rickshaw drivers & citizens. The project proposes deployment of No. 100 E-Rickshaws on PPP basis. Municipal Corporation will provide charging points to the vendors at a very nominal charges. The battery operated vehicles are excellent alternative to petrol/diesel /CNG driven vehicles, are much eco-friendlier. These E-rickshaws are quite cheap and affordable as compared to other vehicles both for the owner and the passengers.

Further, Ujjayini App is a single window app which will provide other facilities as well.

Overview of Web and Mobile Application

  • Mobile Application for Citizens. This will work like an umbrella app/single window app and will have following sub parts under it:
    1. E-Rickshaw Service
    2. Nearby Dustbin Service
  • Mobile Application for E-Rickshaw Driver.

Mobile Application for Citizens:

  • Ujjain Smart City Limited is starting with E-rickshaw app for citizens. This app will help citizens to locate nearby e-rickshaws and find estimated distance of vehicle from actual or chosen location. In addition, citizens can see the driver’s contact number, vehicle no. etc.The ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) changes according to the traffic that is tracked using Google Maps. The time can vary by 4-5 minutes depending on the traffic. Commuters can also save their favourite or most used locations on the app and navigate them with ease.
  • Nearby Dustbin Service – When citizen will register at that time he/she will be asked to enter his residential address. We will collect coordinates for all dustbins which are kept in the city. Citizen will be able to see nearest dustbin to his residence address and can make nearest dustbin as default bin for him/her. 84 SWM vehicles will be fitted with GPS devices. As the vehicles approach dustbins, citizen will get an alert then he can take relevant action as per his wish.

List of Services for Citizens –

  1. Information about the buses, search and view bus schedules on various routes and showing ETA based on their real time location
  2. Planning a trip, including multiple routes on different buses
  3. Tracking of location in case Panic button is pressed by citizen
  4. Tracking the nearest bin
  5. Tracking the vehicle information collecting garbage including real time status
  6. Tracking various categories of vehicles – and other moveable and non-moveable objects
  7. Citizen can call to driver of vehicles
  • Mobile Application for E-Rickshaw Driver

E-rickshaw drivers can register by entering their mobile number and basic details like name, gender, vehicle no. and address. Following three documents are required to be uploaded in order to get registered on the App:

  1. Driving License (Mandatory)
  2. Registration Certificate (Mandatory
  3. Aadhar Card

Once the driver submits these documents and basic details. It will reflect in following officers’ workflow for approval:

  1. Ujjain Admin
  2. RTO
  3. Police Department

When all officials approve the application then only a particular E-Rickshaw will be able to set his status as active or inactive in the app. In addition, only approved e-rickshaws will be visible to citizens

E rickshaw App Features

  1. Mobile application for E-Rickshaw Operators – to do Registration & Deregistration of E-Rickshaw. The app also gives ability to hide or show the rickshaws on map to the drivers. Citizens will have an option to search rickshaws in nearby areas or location of their choice. Application will have detailed information about E-rickshaw driver including his contact number, name, etc.
  2. Mobile application for Drivers / Operators and Cleaners of Buses / Municipal Vehicles / Other vehicles to enable them to find out their routes, schedules, time delays, performance, etc.
  3. Mobile application will be able to work on low internet bandwidth (2G connections).
  4. Mobile application will support minimum version of Android 4.0.3 (ICE_CREAM_SANDWICH) and above
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12 Feb

Waste Management

Waste management and transportation is a project which leads to 100% Door to Door waste collection and transportation. The project has been awarded to Global Waste Management cell on 11th August 2015. The agency has deploy HDPE wheeled bins, wheeled MS storage bins, mini tippers, refuse compactors and other assets and systems amounting to (INR) 13.57 cr. Approx. 80 door to door collection vehicles in place MSW processing treatment and SLF project awarded to Eco fill Technologies India Ltd dated 20th February 2015 with fixed tipping fee of (INR) 150 Rs/MT of MSW. All the Solid Waste Management projects identified under SCP are covered through convergence under Swachh Bharat Mission.

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09 Mar

Smart Classroom

Smart Classroom is an initiative to enhance the learning outcomes of school children in government schools, using diverse technique and empower teachers by training them to use interactive techniques and multimedia content.

This facility will have all the commercial software required for the computer systems, namely, operating system, database, application software, etc.

  • This facility will have all the content for Smart education based on MP State board for Standards I to Std. XII of all subjects.
  • The content will be in the form of multi-media and Short video snippets explaining the concept, including 2D and 3D animations, graphics, audio, Pictures Text, for instance downloadable and printable content and material Interactive media, for instance, questions and Answers that may be used for assessment.
  • Computer Educational Software and Spoken Language software.
  • All software and content updates may be done daily (As applicable). For this purpose, the system will be online and connected to the central system.
  • The whole system is recommended to work on a SaaS (Software as a Service model), where education content is available on the local computer and content is updated online in real time.
  • Development and maintenance of web portal for browsing content by registered users.
  • Additional content may be made available which could be run during the free / available classes.
  • The software and hardware of the System Integrator should be flexible in such a way that any additional multimedia content in the form of video, lectures, animations, pictures, videos and additional questions created by subject teachers could be added into the database via a pen drive or external hard disk and used in an effective and simple manner.
  • The content will be able to be played in an offline mode.

Key Project Objectives:

  • To increase knowledge assimilation and retention amongst school children
  • To enhance learning by creating a non-stressful and interactive environment.
  • To enable access to high quality educational materials.
  • To provide better systems and solutions to the educationists.
  • To provide new and innovative tools to teachers and enable them to provide better education to students.

Project Stage:  Implementation LOA issued to VSN International to be implemented in: 5 Schools,  97 Classrooms List of Selected Schools in Ujjain

SNoSchool NameNo of Classrooms
1Government School of Excellence and Government M.S. Nutan School 29
2Government H.S.S Jiwajiganj and Government P.S. Jiwajiganj 15
3Government Girls School Dashara Maidan and Girls M.S No 2 School Dashara Maidan 20
4Government Girls H.S.S Sarafa 16
5Government H.S.S. Doulatganj and Government School No 2 Dewas Dwar and Government M.S. School Doulataganj 17
Total 97

Smart Classroom components:

  • Multi Media Content in all Subjects and Language laboratory in English, Hindi and other languages.
  • Computer / Desktops, High End computers
  • Projector, White board and Green Pin up boards
  • Wi-Fi at school campus with minimum 4 mbps internet bandwidth
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07 Mar

Mobile Charging Kiosk

Mobile phones have become an integral parts of our daily lives . The connectivity and charging of mobile is an essential requirement specially around the heavy tourist and busy areas of the city.Considering the above USCL is exploring Mobile Charging Kiosk devices in such area. These devices will help to charge a mobiles at a nominal rate with assured safety and security of the handset.

  1. Mobile Point Of Charge is an innovative and Hi-tech Devicework on PPP mode – No investment from Smart City.
  2. Demonstration of one such device is available at Mela Office since last three months.
  3. There are possibly two revenue sources ,one being the mobile charging stations (approx..Rs. 10 per hour) and the second being the advertisements on LED screens.
  4. In future this will be available at various locations include Mahakaal Temple and Nanakheda Bus Station.
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Installation of Mobile Charging Kiosk

Investigation, survey, detailed design and retrofitting and reconstruction of Roads consisting of up-gradation, augmentation, underground storm water drainage and retrofitting of open storm water drains, footpath, utility ducts, underground electrification with allied infrastructure, retrofitting of water supply line, road markings, traffic signage, along with operation and maintenance of tendered works for 5 Years in ABD Area under Ujjain Smart City Project

Supply Install and Maintain Smart Bio Toilets in Ujjain

Expression of Interest for Empanelment Event Management Agency for Ujjain City

Design, build , finance, operate and transfer of She Lounge in Ujjain

Installation and operation of Public Bike Sharing System in Ujjain

Corrigendum/Addendum Details
Corrigendum 01 PBS 30Download

Appointment of agency for conducting Maa Kshipra Maha Aarti and Malkhamb in ujjain city

Implementation, Management and Maintenance of Smart Classrooms in City of Ujjain


Selection of System Integrator to Design, Implement, Operate and Maintain Smart Solutions for Public Buses and Municipal Vehicles in Ujjain.

Selection of System Integrator for Supply, Installation, Implementation and Maintenance of GPS based Vehicle Tracking Solution for Municipal Solid Waste Vehicles and Public Transport Vehicles

Tender Documents
Corrigendum/Addendum Details
Corrigendum 1Download
Corrigendum 2Download

Selection of agency for providing housekeeping and facility management services at Ujjain Smart city Ltd. office, Ujjain.

Design, Develop, Implement and Maintain Various Mobile Applications for the City of Ujjain

Design, Built, Finance, Operate and Transfer, Public Toilets with Integrated Vending Facilityin Ujjain

Appointment of the Concessionaire for Implementation of Smart Bus Shelters project at Ujjain on design, build, finance, operate and transfer-DBFOT basis

Selection of agency for implementation, management and maintenance of digital centre as a smart classroom demonstration

Tender Documents
RFP Digital CentreDownload
NIT Digital LibraryDownload

Selection of Implementation Agency for Integrated Traffic Management System ITMS in the city of Ujjain

Design, implementation and operation of smart solutions for Public Mobility and Municipal Vehicles in Ujjain

Enter USCL’s naming competition & suggest names for the New App & win exciting prizes.

मोबाइल चार्जिंग कीओस्क की स्थापना

डिजाइन, निर्माण, वित्त, संचालन और हस्तांतरण-डीबीएफओटी के आधार पर उज्जैन में स्मार्ट बस आश्रयों परियोजना के कार्यान्वयन के लिए एजेंसी की नियुक्ति

उज्जैन शहर में एकीकृत यातायात प्रबंधन प्रणाली आईटीएमएस के लिए कार्यान्वयन एजेंसी का चयन

उज्जैन शहर के लिए इवेंट मैनेजमेंट एजेंसी का चयन

उज्जैन में शी लाउंज के डिजाइन, निर्माण, वित्त, संचालन और हस्तांतरण

उज्जैन में सार्वजनिक बाइक शेयरिंग सिस्टम की स्थापना और संचालन

Corrigendum/Addendum Details
Corrigendum 01 PBS 30Download

उज्जैन शहर में मां क्षिप्रा महा आरती और मल्लखंब के आयोजन के लिए एजेंसी की नियुक्ति

उज्जैन शहर में स्मार्ट कक्षाओं का कार्यान्वयन, प्रबंधन और रखरखाव

उज्जैन शहर के ब्रांडिंग और प्रचार के लिए लोक संबंध एजेंसी का चयन

उज्जैन में सार्वजनिक बसों और नगर निगम के लिए स्मार्ट सॉल्यूशन डिजाइन, कार्यान्वयन, संचालन और बनाए रखने के लिए सिस्टम इंटिग्रेटर का चयन

नगरपालिका ठोस अपशिष्ट वाहनों और सार्वजनिक परिवहन वाहनों के लिए जीपीएस आधारित वाहन ट्रैकिंग समाधान की आपूर्ति, स्थापना, कार्यान्वयन और रखरखाव के लिए सिस्टम इंटिग्रेटर का चयन

Tender Documents
Corrigendum/Addendum Details
Corrigendum 1Download
Corrigendum 2Download

उज्जैन में लोक गतिशीलता और नगरपालिका वाहनों के लिए स्मार्ट समाधानों के डिजाइन, कार्यान्वयन और संचालन

डिजाइन, निर्मित, वित्त, संचालन और स्थानांतरण, एकीकृत वेंडिंग सुविधा वाली सार्वजनिक शौचालय उज्जैन

उज्जैन में नगर निगम बिल्डिंग के पीछे तरण ताल सह वाणिज्यिक परिसर का निर्माण

स्मार्ट कक्षा के प्रदर्शन के रूप में डिजिटल केंद्र के कार्यान्वयन, प्रबंधन और रखरखाव के लिए एजेंसी का चयन

Tender Documents
RFP Digital CentreDownload
NIT Digital LibraryDownload

उज्जैन में स्मार्ट बायो टॉयलेट स्थापित करने और बनाए रखने की आपूर्ति

खुली तूफान जल नालियों, फुटपाथ, उपयोगिता नलिकाएं, संबद्ध बुनियादी ढांचे के साथ भूमिगत विद्युतीकरण, पानी की आपूर्ति लाइन के पुनर्निर्माण, सड़क के पुनर्निर्माण, अपग्रेडेशन, संवर्धन, भूमिगत तूफान जल निकासी और सड़क के पुनर्निर्माण की जांच, अनुसंधान, पुनर्निर्माण और पुनर्निर्माण। उज्जैन स्मार्ट सिटी परियोजना के तहत एबीडी एरिया में 5 वर्षों के लिए टेंडर किए गए कार्यों के संचालन और रखरखाव के साथ-साथ चिह्नों, यातायात सिग्नेज

उज्जैन में जैविक बाजार अपशिष्ट के उपचार के लिए ऑपरेशन और रखरखाव के साथ 5TPD क्षमता बायोमैथानेशन प्लांट की स्थापना

उज्जैन स्मार्ट सिटी लिमिटेड कार्यालय, उज्जैन में गृह व्यवस्था और सुविधा प्रबंधन सेवाएं प्रदान करने के लिए एजेंसी का चयन।

उज्जैन शहर के लिए विभिन्न मोबाइल एप्लीकेशन डिजाइन, विकास, कार्यान्वयन और रखरखाव

Expression of Interest for development of Multi Model Transit Hub in Ujjain on Public Private Partnership

Construction of School Complex at existing Nootan School and other School Campus Jaysinghpura Ujjain

Construction of School Complex at exiting Nootan School and other School campus Jaysingh Pura, Ujjain

Selection of Implementation Agency for Integrated Traffic Management System ITMS in the city of Ujjain


Tender Documents

सार्वजनिक निजी भागीदारी पर उज्जैन में मल्टी मॉडल ट्रांजिट हब के विकास के लिए रूचि

मौजूदा नुतन स्कूल और अन्य स्कूल परिसर जयसिंहपुरा उज्जैन में स्कूल परिसर का निर्माण

नुतन स्कूल से बाहर और अन्य स्कूल परिसर जयसिंह पुरा, उज्जैन में स्कूल परिसर का निर्माण

उज्जैन शहर में एकीकृत यातायात प्रबंधन प्रणाली आईटीएमएस के लिए कार्यान्वयन एजेंसी का चयन

नुतन स्कूल से बाहर और अन्य स्कूल परिसर जयसिंह पुरा, उज्जैन में स्कूल परिसर का निर्माण

उज्जैन शहर में एकीकृत यातायात प्रबंधन प्रणाली आईटीएमएस के लिए कार्यान्वयन एजेंसी का चयन

Development and Construction of Mahakal Rudra Sagar Integrated Development Area under Phase-1, Ujjain

Construction of School Complex at Ganesh Nagar Jaisinghpura , Ujjain under MRIDA project through a Percentage Rate Contract

Construction of multi-level car parking near Triveni Museum under MRIDA project through percentage rate contract as specified in the BOQ in RFP which include MPUADD SOR and Nonschedule items

Expression of Interest for development of Multi Model Transit Hub in Ujjain on Public Private Partnership

उज्जैन, चरण -1 के तहत महाकाल रुद्र सागर एकीकृत विकास क्षेत्र का विकास और निर्माण

मृदा परियोजना के तहत एक प्रतिशत दर अनुबंध के माध्यम से गणेश नगर जयसिंहपुरा उज्जैन में स्कूल परिसर का निर्माण

आरएफपी में बीओक्यू में निर्दिष्ट प्रतिशत दर अनुबंध के माध्यम से मृदा परियोजना के तहत त्रिवेणी संग्रहालय के पास बहु-स्तरीय कार पार्किंग का निर्माण जिसमें एमपीयूएडीडी एसओआर और नॉनशेड्यूल आइटम शामिल हैं

सार्वजनिक निजी भागीदारी पर उज्जैन में मल्टी मॉडल ट्रांजिट हब के विकास के लिए रूचि